vendredi 28 octobre 2011

L'exposition de photographie de Marti

Quirky, urban and dynamic!

These photos were captured by Marti(American photographer) of characters caught in their very own moment of Photomaton-ing....come be a voyeurrrr and check it out! All photographs are for sale too.

Welcome and bienvenue to our first Photography exhibition by someone else other then our very own fabulous les filles from La Fabrique! Hey, and the opening/vernissage is tonight, but if you can't make it then read or see more about Marti from her very own personal website:

Dates are as specified on the second image or if you're just plain lazy then here it is again below:
Le vendredi 28 Oct a partir de 18h

28 Oct - 12 Nov
Lundi - Vendredi 14h - 19h
Overture exceptionelle le samedi 12 Nov de 14h a 19h

Fabrique a ressorts
25, Rue Sambre et Meuse
75010 Paris
Metro Belleville ou Col. Fabien

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